He wants to be emotionally dependent on YOU

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the man you are attracted to is not really willing to take the relationship to the next level? You have been together for months, or perhaps even a couple of years… but there is a deep pit that does not seem to fill even with all the love and passion you hold for that man.

Are you looking for that magic potion that can get your man hooked on to you for good?
Well, a bummer: no magic lamp can make him want to spend the rest of his life with you and go out of the way to please you. You have got to do that yourself by making him emotionally dependent on you!

It is easy to attract a man with good looks and perfect physique but it is the emotional bond that will keep him. A lack of emotional attachment is one of the biggest reasons why men tend to put a full stop to the relationship chapter after just a few months of togetherness.

When we say, make a man emotionally dependent on you, we mean in a good way. Upon hearing the word ‘dependency’, words like ‘addiction’ and ‘unhealthy attachment’ may pop up in your mind. It certainly does imply something that should be avoided or fixed – we will give you that! But what if we could convince you that emotional dependency can skyrocket a man’s desire for you?

Yes, you heard that right! An emotional bond is indeed the secret ingredient that can make your relationship going as strong as David and Victoria Beckham’s!

If you are already having second thoughts about your relationship or are on the verge of losing hope, this article is something that you will find worthwhile. In fact, it can be the magic wand you have been looking for all along! No matter how long you have been in an unfulfilling relationship, it is never too late to start working on building emotional intimacy.

Emotional attachment is what can ignite that spark in your relationship and make a man fall deeply in love with you. But the burning question is: how can you make him emotionally dependent on you?
Dive in to find out because this article has ALL your answers!

Be the Prize

Let us say you find a local, used handbag on the side of the road. You pick it up and carry it along with you because it looked a bit stylish but most importantly, it was free. You keep using it every day until you save up enough money to buy that statement Gucci handbag you have been drooling over for months!

After working day and night to be able to afford the branded handbag, when you finally get your hands on it, it does not take you even a second to toss the local handbag in the trash. Now, you cannot stop flaunting your Gucci handbag every day because it reminds you of how hard you have worked to obtain it!

Do you see where we are going with this?

This is of course, just a metaphor to help put things in perspective. People have a natural tendency to treasure things that they make efforts for obtaining more than things that easily fall into their lap. The same logic applies to relationships as well! Men do not want to be with a woman who is easy to win.

They want a prize.

As farfetched as it may sound, it is indeed true. So, make sure you present yourself as a woman who has great value and not someone any guy can have easily. Let the man you adore chase you and show you that he really deserves a prize like you – then, let him catch you. Trust us when we say that once he catches you after courting you, he will want to keep you with him forever!

Put Your Heart Ahead of Him

Have you ever been told to compromise and not act like a spoiled brat in your relationship?

This not-so-valuable advice is something you should turn a deaf ear to. Every.single.time. Whether it is your friends or people you know feeding your mind with this suggestion, you should NOT become a doormat. Because soon, the man you love will step on that doormat (you) and head out to look for a woman who can stand up for herself.

Remember: confidence is sexy. And men simply cannot help but get attracted to a woman who knows her worth. For a happy, lasting relationship, the rule of the thumb is to put your heart ahead of the man.

Think of your heart as a child and let us say it is your responsibility to protect that little child. Now, what will you do if your man behaves rudely and shouts on the child? Surprisingly enough, many women simply forgive their man just because he is cute or handsome, or because they think he is ‘the one’ for them. Even though he's a bad boy, they feel they can tame him. We hope you would not do the same! In a situation like this, you must defend your heart and tell the man to stop ridiculing it. Just because he is good-looking does not mean you can let him go away with just anything.

When a woman puts a man ahead of her own heart, it makes him see her as not so special anymore but rather pitiful. And where there is a pity, there can be no love!

Don’t Be Too Hard to Please

This might sound like a contradiction to the point made above. It is possible for you to prioritize your heart yet still be easy to please? Well, yes!

Putting your heart first and speaking directly about what you do not like about your man will keep you from being resentful. Simply because you do not tolerate bad behavior means that you do not hold any grudge against your man. Conflicts and arguments are inevitable – they will occur from time to time but they will be solved and forgotten instead of being tossed into the dark corner of ‘ignorance.’

When you are not full of resentment, you will naturally be easy to please. You will enjoy when your man makes an effort to make you happy and hence, find it easy to express your feelings openly. For you, a simple ‘thank you’ will not suffice – you will come up with a more emotional response, such as ‘I love it when you help me like that and make me feel special.’

You will label something that he has done to please you as just ‘nice’ but rather as ‘wonderful’. A little work from your end will do the trick! When your man feels he can arouse your emotions, he will happily go that extra mile to please you. This way, he will become emotionally dependent on you.

Connect with Him Intellectually

Do you want an ‘always and forever’ kind of a relationship with your man? If yes, it is time for you to start connecting with him on an intellectual level. To win a man’s heart, you must keep yourself updated on topics that intrigue and excite him, and surprise him with just how knowledgeable you are.

Your ability to hold a meaningful conversation will make him fall for you even more and establish that magical connection between you two! In case, you did not get the gist: being smart is oh-so-sexy!

Be His Safe Haven

Your man had one of the worst days of his life. He woke up late and had to rush for work, he spilled his coffee all over on him at the drive-thru, he got into an argument with a colleague at the office, and then he got stuck in traffic on his way back home. Pretty challenging and exhausting day, right?

But as soon as he sees your face after a long day like this, he instantly feels all his worries and bad feelings vanishing like they were not even there in the first place. This is exactly how you should make him feel!

After a bad day, he should be yearning your company to feel better and wind up. You should be able to offer him a sense of physical and emotional safety. He should know that you would never judge him, or never spill his secrets.
The moment a man feels you are loyal to him, that's when he enters into a deep connection with you.

But what do you do when things are going well and there is no opportunity to show your loyalty? Here's a secret most women never discover - your emotions can create a Campfire Effect with men. This is when a man feels captivated and spellbound just being in your presense.

Click here for the quick video which gifts you with the glamor and allure of the Campfire Effect.