3 Feelings He Wants You To Share

Women are often told not to be so emotional around a man. My female clients tell me endless stories of being told how easily men get "overwhelmed." What would you say if I told you there are some feelings men actual LOVE to experience with a woman.

1. He wants you to share when you feel excited and happy.

If only more women understood how important it is for a man to be able to make you happy, it would change the complexion of many a relationship. Remember, men are not nearly as intuitive as your girlfriends. Men learn by watching your reaction.

a) A good reaction (full of nice happy feelings) means - do this more.
b) A bad reaction (when you cry or get upset) means - don't do that again.

As much as it might seem silly, men really can be that simple.

2. He wants you to share when you feel upset.

Wait what? There's got to be a catch, right? Yes, let's get into the details. What is important is that you share that you are upset – at the moment you are upset...not days or weeks later. I realize that this can feel very vulnerable, but when you bring up something later, he may have already forgotten the event, and wonder why you waited so long to mention it.

Equally important is to give him a task that he can do to help you. If you just want him to listen - tell him that. Do not expect him to "just know" what you need. A man often feels helpless just sitting there while you are hurting.

He wants to do something - anything - to fix it. Ask him to listen, and when he does, reassure him that his listening makes you feel special in his eyes.
A man often feels helpless just sitting there knowing what to do to cheer you up when you are sulking.  

3) When You Feel Proud of Him, Tell Him

Your man wants you to not hide your emotions when you feel proud of him. If you still don’t know how a man’s mind works, let us tell you a secret: they really like to show off and enjoy being the center of appreciation.

So, whenever he does something good for you or your relationship – or anything positive in general, make sure you are there by his side to clap for him. That being said, you wouldn’t want to praise him for something that you don’t really like because if you do it, you will likely be getting more of it in the future. Just be authentic and let your man know that you notice and appreciate his efforts and that you think he is doing great. Sometimes, a little praise does go a long way!    

Your feelings set him on fire

As a clinical relationship expert, I tell my clients constantly that a woman's emotions are what draws a man closer to you. His biggest desire - making you happy. When your man knows what makes you happy, there is no reason why he wouldn’t want to do more of that!

Expecting him to intuitively "know" what you want assumes he is one of your girlfriend. They learn by watching your reactions. For them, a positive reaction demonstrating nice, happy feelings means ‘do it more’ and a negative reaction showing feelings of sadness or grief means ‘don’t do it again’.

In fact it's so simply most women have a hard time believing how vulnerable a man is to a woman's emotions. Women that learn to sit back and flow flow with their emotions create a Campfire Effect with men. This is when a man feels captivated and spellbound just being in your presense.

Click here for the quick video which gifts you with the glamor and allure of the Campfire Effect.