He Has To Feel It

Not long ago, I got a lot of questions regarding my comments about how women often talk and talk trying to make a man “get it.” They ask me what was wrong with sharing their concerns with a man. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t work the way they’re doing it.
Most women don’t realize how sensitive men are to the emotions of a woman. They see men act detached and think, “Oh, he’s not listening,” or “He doesn’t feel anything.” That’s so wrong.

Men actually FEEL deeper than women

When a man’s emotions are awakened, it’s foreign to him. Most of the time, men don’t feel anything. It’s not that they have to keep their feelings in check; it’s more like they are idle until something awakens them. If you’ve ever attended a sports event with a man who’s watching his favorite team, you know how emotional a man can get when aroused. But there’s also a downside to this.

When a man starts to feel, he has a hard time cutting his feelings off. That’s fine when it’s something he enjoys, like a concert, football game or sex. It’s a nightmare when it’s fear, boredom or anxiety. When those “negative” emotions visit a man, it makes him feel powerless (every man’s worst fear). 
And to guard against that, men avoid becoming “overly emotional.” It’s just too risky. And this is where a man is vulnerable to a woman, especially a woman that knows how to put her heart first. By being emotionally guarded, he’s safe, but also restless.

If I ask a man what he wants, he’ll tell me he craves serenity. That’s where women get the idea that being laid back and easy going is what men find so appealing, and it is…to a point. But that’s not what creates an intense emotional bond with a man. Inside the heart of every man, there is a hole that can only be filled by that one special woman. This emotional connection comes when that woman uses her emotions which causes a reaction deep inside his heart and mind. It’s like a bear waking up from hibernation.

The feelings that he’s kept buried deep inside can only be aroused by a woman using her emotions. Without them, all her attempts to create chemistry will fall flat. This is the main reason so many of my attractive, successful women have trouble in this area of their lives.

By keeping their emotions “in check,” they inadvertently cause a man to feel like there is “no connection” between them. It’s the ultimate mixed message that women receive, be emotional but not too emotional and most women choose the “don’t be too emotional“ route.

Here's a better option

Instead of focusing so much on what a man likes, pay attention to your own needs. A woman who is Heart-Centered is one who listens and honors her feelings. She’s in touch with how she feels, but she’s not controlled by every emotion.

That’s the part that scares men, is a woman who reacts to “everything” she feels. Being in touch with your emotions is the same as listening to a small child. You want to hear them, but you don’t want to react to everything they say.

Instead of waiting for your feelings to tell you what to do, go about your business unless your feelings give you a warning. This is especially true in dating when a woman has a bad feeling about a man. When you listen to your feelings, something magical happens to a woman…

She Gets Softer      

It isn’t something that she has to think about; it simply happens naturally. That softness is what triggers the Hero gene in a man. It makes him naturally want to please a woman because he feels whenever he’s around her. Your softness also creates a Campfire Effect with a man. This is when a man feels captivated and spellbound just being in your presence. Click here for the quick video which gifts you with the glamor and allure of the Campfire Effect.